New Beginnings

It's the beginning of March, and Spring is in the air. I always like to commemorate the changing of the seasons, especially when it's a move from colder days to warmer ones. Spring is officially just a few short weeks away. But already, in my neck of the woods, leaf and blossom are bursting their way into life. And the wildflowers in the foothills are just beginning to do their dance in the sun. It's a wonderful time. I look forward to it every year.

At another level, the changing of the seasons reminds me of our individual pilgrimages into wholeness. To grow into the light, we need to change from what we've been to what we seek to become. In that sense, it's a different kind of new beginning; we move from the old self to the new self.

What do I mean by that? I'll admit I've borrowed from the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza (, whose books and videos talk about the journey from the old, ego-driven self to the new, "who you really are" self, the one that's free of old programming, beliefs, wounds, addictive emotions, etc.

That process of becoming the New Self can be a bit daunting at times. Old habits don't go away easily. But the rewards are worth the struggle. I guess it may sound a bit like New Year's resolutions; somehow, though, it feels different to me. It's more like emerging from a long hibernation, or waking from a dream state into a waking reality. New day. New life. New beginnings.

What changes "from old to new" do you look forward to? What new beginnings are you pondering to undertake for yourself this season?

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