One World

by Michael Stribling

Released 09/20/2019
Leela Music
Released 09/20/2019
Leela Music
A collection of 15 original compositions, which celebrate the unity and diversity of our world community.
This album celebrates the unity and diversity of our world community. There’s a wide range of musical colors on the pallet of this project, from energetic toe tappers to introspective quiet moments; from the power of “A Gathering of the Elders” to the restful meditation of “Benediction (Prayer for World Peace)”. The sampling of musical locations includes Native North America, China, Australia, India, Spain, Persia, Africa, Japan, the United States, Scotland, and Germany.

There are many who say our world is in turmoil. Yet, in times of challenge and struggle, there is also opportunity for positive change, for healing and unity. May we focus on what we want for our world and not what we fear may happen. Positivity breeds more positivity; negativity breeds more negativity. May we always choose love, and always seek the light.

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